When to Use a Real Estate Investor

Do you have a house to sell, and are wondering what your options are? Maybe you’re considering using a real estate agent or even selling it yourself. Maybe you’ve heard of real estate investors like North DFW Home Buyers, but aren’t sure how it works. Well this post is to help you decide if going with a real estate investor is right for you.
Sell House fast

We don’t just buy “ugly houses.”

When most people think of a real estate investor, this is what comes to mind. Ugly houses, or houses that are not in “retail” condition, are a common purchase for real estate investors. These homes often need significant repairs that the seller is not willing or able to do before selling. When listed on the retail market, these houses will typically take much longer to sell. This due in part to buyers wanting a move-in ready home and also to strict lending standards. Homes with a bad roof or no flooring, for example, will not pass inspections required by most lenders. If you have a house to sell that needs work, big or small, you should consider selling to a real estate investor. We can usually save you time and money in the long run.

Know your options. 

Not everyone who calls North DFW Home Buyers has an ugly house. Often, people find themselves in “ugly” situations and are exploring what their options are. One small change in finances can make the costs of owning, maintaining, and insuring a home extremely difficult. When this happens, sometimes selling your house is the only way to avoid negative equity or foreclosure. Another common situation is selling a loved one’s home that has moved or passed away. This can be further complicated when there are multiple heirs or when the property is in another state. Others have rental properties that are costing too much money and they no longer are able or willing to keep up with repairs and maintenance. There are many reasons people need to sell their homes; what they all have to decide is how much time they have.
If you have time on your side and your house is in good shape, listing with a real estate agent on the the retail market is a good way to go. This will usually get you the highest selling price, but keep in mind that they don’t work for free (count on typically 6% of the sales price). Of course, you can always sell it yourself (For Sale by Owner, or FSBO), but there are a few things to keep in mind. Most people who go this route are trying to keep that real estate agent commission in their own pocket, but don’t underestimate their value – especially if you don’t know your way around real estate contracts. You’ll also get exponentially more exposure listing your house with an agent, which equates to getting it sold much faster.
If you do not have time on your side, this is when a real estate investor like North DFW Home Buyers can come in handy. If you are behind on payments, going through divorce or job loss you may not have the luxury of listing your house and waiting for it to sell. Remember that once you get an accepted offer, a standard closing will still take 30-45 days. What we offer are quick solutions that make the process easier during a difficult situation. We buy every house as-is and we charge no fees or commissions. Our quotes are free and no-obligation, and we can usually provide you an offer within 24 hours.
If you are still unsure which is the best option for you, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide our professional opinion based on your situation.

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